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Our Vision

Made in Melbourne, Australia

From the very beginning Blyss was created with sustainability and ethics in mind. Our Founder, Alyssa Schneider, found that there was lack of sustainably and ethically made underwear that was affordable yet sexy and comfortable. While Alyssa found a love for vintage and second hand clothes, intimates were the one clothing item that must be bought new. Through the exploration of small home projects, Blyss was born. 

Alyssa knew from the beginning that the line had to be 100% eco-friendly, using only natural fibres and packaging. This was a large influence into the designing of our intimates. We wanted to create underwear that made you feel confident, comfortable and sexy. 

The frustration of the fashion industry was one of the driving forces of the creation of House of Blyss. The fashion industry is the second largest contributor to CO2 emissions as well as the damaging effects of the textile dyeing industry and large water consumption. The foundations of House of Blyss is to stay local and "slow". This is why we are made to order. While this means you don't get our products immediately, it prevents a large amount of waste and allows us to make sure our limited fabrics are well used.


House of Blyss was launched March 6th, 2021. 

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