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Sustainability & Ethics

Environmental Impact

We all play a role in looking after our planet. House of Blyss, is a part of this too. Therefore we only use environmental friendly and sustainable materials in every aspect of our business. ​


Our Fabric

All of our fabric is 100% silk, created naturally by silk worms. This means that it biodegrades. We also source our fabric as deadstock, lessening waste and supporting other local designers. Read more about our fabrics and materials here.

Our Dyes

We use low reactive dyes that does not require large amounts of water or heat. In contrast to commercial dyeing which uses high temperatures and dyes that are not of a neutral pH. 

Our Packaging

Our packaging is entirely biodegradable. We use biodegradable mailers and recycled tissue paper. By keeping our packaging minimal we are preventing waste.

Ethical Production

Our entire production is under one roof. Our garments are all cut, sewn and packaged in Melbourne.  We pay by the Australian Textile, Clothing, Footwear and Associated Industries Award 2010.  We are proud to source locally, produce locally, and distribute locally. 

Made to Order

We are made to order, meaning that the production of your intimates start with your order. This prevents waste and makes sure that we are making the sizes that are wanted. This also allows us to make sure that we are getting as many garments as possible out of our limited, unqiue fabrics.

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